Samantha J Wright Author of The Ison Delusion

 Originally from Staffordshire, Samantha J Wright moved to Northern Ireland 18 years ago where she now lives with her two children.  Although she has worked in other fields (such as retail and accountancy) and is training to be a counsellor, she has always had the urge to write and has done so for personal pleasure over the last few decades.   

In 2010 she decided to have a real stab at writing something publishable which resulted in her first novel, The Sands of Carsaig.  Night Chorus shortly followed (a sequel to the first) as well as a compilation of short stories all of which are available on Amazon. 

During her early teens she was an avid reader of the sci-fi genre with its many and varied subcategories.  This stayed with her throughout adulthood but up until now has actually never filtered through to her novels.   

“To me sci-fi has a much greater scope for the imagination which holds unique appeal for me as both writer and reader.  It made sense then that I should eventually go down this route and produce something which harked back to my earlier days of reading Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov, ” she says.

“This and the transformation of my spirituality over the years combined with my avid interest in the newly discovered comet Ison spawned the seeds of my latest creation The Ison Delusion.  It was such a joy to write that after completion I immediately started work on another sci-fi which as of yet is unnamed.  Watch this space for details… “

The last few years have not been easy in many respects.  Issues in her personal life unfortunately had an impact on her ability to write – not least the death of her husband by suicide.  

“After a difficult and stressful time I’ve eventually found my buzz again and am eager to see what lies just over the horizon.  Ideas are once again coming thick and fast and I am relieved to discover that the creative side of me has not been lost.”  

Her latest work – an autobiographical piece called Not Your Legacy was released on kindle in May 2014.  Paperback will follow.  It covers a variety of subjects including the circumstances surrounding the death of her husband, her subsequent departure from the Jehovah’s Witness faith and how she managed to find her feet again.  A preview of the first chapter can be found under the section General interest and news.

As well as writing Samantha also enjoys reading, photography, painting, drawing, cooking, genealogy and the natural world. 


                                   Not Your Legacy is now available on Amazon and from other select retailers.  Her five other books however have temporarily been withdrawn from sale and will be re-released in the new year under her own name with new covers and  additional content.  In the meantime she would like to take this opportunity to thank all her readers for their continued support and  hopes that they all have a wonderful Xmas and a Happy New Year!