I was born in Leek Staffs, Queen of the Moorlands and stronghold of the humble but delicious Staffordshire oatcake to parents who were by their own admission fairly well along in years.  I read avidly almost as soon as I was able and even in my early years I loved to spend much of my free time painting, writing and drawing.  Later on I studied English Literature and art and was heavily influenced by rural life and history.  In 1995 I moved to Northern Ireland where I spent the next several years raising my two children and making a new life in what was then an unfamiliar and daunting country to me.

In 2010 I returned to writing in the belief that it could offer me sanctuary from the problems that were beginning to overwhelm my personal life.  This escapism resulted in my first novel  The Sands of Carsaig,  a historical romance set in both Australia and the Scottish Highlands.  In 2011 I began to write the sequel  Night Chorus  but the tragic and untimely death of my husband in late September of that same year hit me hard making it difficult to function let alone write.  In time I managed to finish it, drawing deeply on the emotions that I experienced, using them to push me forward rather than letting them hold me back.

Then came an intense but probably quite normal period of questioning.  ‘Why do bad things happen if there is a God?’  ‘And where did the whole concept of a higher being come from?’ and so on.  In short I began to feel that a large proportion of mankind had been duped and was unaware of how flimsy a fortress faith can be when faced with the grim reality of life and death.  On the back of this tumultuous time I wrote a dark, sometimes humorous metaphysical fiction novel called The Ison Delusion.  It focuses on the idea of Karma and presents it as an actual role fulfilled by a person of God’s choosing.    As well as drawing on the spiritual realm The Ison Delusion  also has a foot firmly set in the camp of Sci-Fi in that it revolves around the journey of the once famous Ison comet and how it first came into being.

Between you and me, I found it very liberating to write this book as it was my way of venting a lot of my frustration at the cosmos but in a way that was larger than life.  Sci-Fi has always appealed to me you see.  I still have fond memories of climbing the steep hill in the little town where I lived in England in order to reach the library  and check out as many Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Philip K Dick and Ben Bova books as I could carry home.

This urge to share my controversial pondering’s on life and what happened around the time of my husband’s suicide lead to me write a further book – Not Your Legacy.  This one was very different and very close to my heart.  In fact I poured my heart into it and probably my soul too when I look back.

It covers a variety of subjects including the circumstances surrounding the death of my husband, my subsequent departure from the Jehovah’s Witness faith and how I managed to find my feet again.  A preview of the first chapter can be found under the section General interest and news.

                                   Not Your Legacy and The Sands of Carsaig are now available on Amazon and from other select retailers.