I produce mixed media combines or in layman’s terms 3d wall art composed of various materials including glass, metal and plastic. Each piece is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. I also work in acrylics, watercolour and pencil. Contact me via Facebook messaging using the social media buttons if you would like to commission a work or purchase a listed piece.

‘Fields of Gold’ acrylic on A4 canvas. – SOLD
‘The Couple’
Set in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter – SOLD
‘Pecking Around’ watercolour 22 x 20 cm.
‘Fledging the Nest’
It’s a piece I imagined of an old couple in rural Ireland watching their only daughter leave home to be married – SOLD
‘Isolde at the City Gates’
Part of a new steampunk series of artwork I’m creating called ‘Dark Legends’
3D mixed media canvas measuring 60 x 45 cms
composed of wood, metal, paper, fabric, card, glass and paint
‘The Time Machine’
A one off 3D mixed media piece composed of wood, metal, plastic, glass, fabric and card.
60 x 45 cms
contact me via the social media buttons for further details.