Forever Autumn soundtrack featuring Gary Barlow. Photographs by Samantha J Wright.

A Fragile Idol.  A flash fiction video by Samantha J Wright.

Book trailer for Not Your Legacy; a true story of one woman’s survival and growth in the aftermath of spousal abuse, religious intolerance, betrayal, suicide and alcoholism. BLURB – Hungry hearts rarely question the meaning behind a kiss. They’re far too busy chasing rainbows. After a chance meeting at the age of sixteen, Sam leaves behind her father and her reformed alcoholic mother and moves to Northern Ireland to set up home with a man she barely knows. The two of them continue to practice the religion they were both raised in but scratch below the surface and life’s not what it appears. This story documents her battle with depression, abuse, the aftermath of suicide, a troubled marriage, and most of all her disastrous involvement with the Jehovah’s Witness church. It’s a journey that cost her dearly and as many of her readers have already discovered, Not Your Legacy is far more than just a series of real life events. It retells the story of one woman’s metamorphosis of mind, body and soul. OUT NOW on Amazon!
This is the powerful debut novel from Samantha J Wright. At 16 year old, Lorna McFadden’s life is going nowhere fast. She struggles to overcome the bitterness of her mother and the tyranny of her father. She lives a life destitute of both love and money; her future lies far away from the Isle of Mull. She leaves for Oban, and the prospect of a better life. It doesn’t come easy…until Danny McKay captures her heart. Then the dream turns sour; she’s plunged into despair. Her one true love becomes a prisoner of injustice and is exiled to the harsh gold districts of Australia. It’s a heart wrenching story about a love lost and found, about one couple’s battle against the odds.
On September 21st 2012 Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok discover the comet ISON just beyond Jupiter’s orbit. Heralded as the comet of the century all eyes are upon ISON as it blazes a trail through our solar system — and it’s not only humans who are spellbound by its beauty. Having entrusted the training of the newly appointed Karma to Sister Sarah Arellano, God can now focus on much more important things — such as the newly discovered comet that conceals an ancient secret. But the human race is no longer simple and neither is the newly appointed Karma. As an ex-con with a troubled past the new Karma is more than a handful for Sister Sarah. His own troubled history as well as the complexity of his first three cases causes him to question the validity of the entire set up. What right does he have as Karma to kill someone for killing someone? And why does God allow bad things to befall good people when he has the power to prevent it? If God wasn’t so engrossed in trying to stop China and the US from laying claim to HIS comet, he might have put those issues to rest. But time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all…even God.