Chicken & chickpea madras


~ Ingredients ~ chicken-chickpea-madras

4 chicken quarters

400g tin of chopped tomatoes

150ml chicken stock

2 tbls chickpea humous

1-2 tbls madras powder

1 red chilli chopped

1 green chopped

3 garlic cloves crushed

1 inch ginger root finely chopped

2 tbls fresh corriander chopped

1 onion sliced

veg oil or ghee for frying

125g low fat natural yoghurt

~ Method ~

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees C or 300 degrees F. Fry the onion slices in a tablespoon of oil until soft and just starting to turn golden at the edges. Drain on kitchen towel and put in the bottom of a large cassarole dish. Take the chicken pieces and make slashes down to the bone with a knife. Then put two more tablespoons of oil into the pan and wait until almost smoking hot . Brown the chicken for about a minute each side, one piece at a time. Drain and place on top of the onion in the cassarole dish. To the hot pan add the garlic, ginger and chillis. Stir for a few minutes in the hot oil. Add the madras powder and keep stirring for about thirty seconds. Remove from the heat. Stir in the chickpea humous until combined. Take half of the humous, garlic, chili, ginger and spice mixture and cover the chicken working it into the slashes. Put the other half back on the heat and while stirring slowly add the stock, tomatoes and corriander. Once it has begun to simmer, remove from the heat and pour over the chicken. Using a wooden spoon, trickle the sauce over the chicken. Cook for about two hours or until the meat is cooked and the sauce is thick.

Then skim off the fat and stir in the yoghurt. Return to the oven for ten more minutes and then serve with saffron rice.

Serves 4.



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