• Tsilbora


    Yet again Tsilbora attempted to scan the star ship as it hung motionless just inside the ghostly nebula.  She tried to punch a way [...]
  • warriors

    Forgotten warriors

    My breath felt like fire as it burnt a painful path along my windpipe.  The urge to give up and turn back was strong but a quick [...]
  • sheer-force

    Sheer Force

    Somewhere a door clicked and Leon knew she was sneaking out again.He sighed and picked up his eight month old daughter Ella off [...]
  • chief

    Dream Walker

    “Do you see him Meoquanee?” my father whispered. The summer breeze warmed our skin carrying the scent of countless wild prairie [...]
  • pathways

    Pathways (Version 1)

    Cereal or toast? It wasn’t such a difficult decision to make really, but my brain was still pretty fogged from the night before [...]
  • pathways

    Pathways (Version 2)

    It’s amazing the difference a good night sleep makes. Like most people if I don’t sleep my memory suffers as well as my mood. For [...]
  • witchdoctor


    He sat on his haunches and crooned softly, cocking his head on one side like the parakeets of the South Western rainforests. I [...]
  • shoeshine

    Shoeshine Jean

    There were signs of life stirring on the street now, even though the daily commute had not yet begun in earnest.  Traffic was [...]
  • Japan_Trench

    The Trench

    There was a considerable swell rocking the boat, a parting gift from hurricane Eve.  The experts had named it so, because [...]
  • pip


    Pip looked down into the gaping rent that sullied the otherwise pleasant hill side. The cropped grass all around him was dotted [...]
  • 401px-Saxophone_f35590801


    Jazz was just not her thing.  Roberta just didn’t get it at all.  It really wasn’t like other music.  She found it unpredictable [...]
  • dream

    Chasing The Dream

    Shoving his hands deeper into his pockets, Arturo Delgado stumbled through the darkening streets as freezing rain fell like [...]

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