Out of His League

She had once been his.  Well not really.  He gone out with her for a few months, taken her to all his favourite spots, shown her off to his mates who had admired her greatly as they had downed pints of Guinness down by the Harbour Inn.  But she had never really been his.  I suppose deep down he had known it was temporary thing.  She was too good for him.  Too classy.

But he missed her more than words could say.

“Hey Brian!  What’s happened with Suzy?  I heard yer man took her back again,” shouted a voice from behind him.  Brian turned to find Tobias McCarthy tapping his cigarette out on the edge of the pool table.

“Use the feckin’ ashtray there will ya Toby?  That’s what they’re there for,” yelled the landlord.

Toby grunted and took his shot, smashing the pack left right and centre across the baize.  A blob of ash plopped onto the green.  He brushed it away with the back of his hand then potted a red followed by another.  The next shot was a foul.  He gave a curse and thumped the table.

“Pour this man a whisky,” he boomed, coming over to drape a friendly arm around Brian’s shoulder.  The bartender obliged then rather rudely held out his hand.

“That’ll be three ninety.”

As though he was the Sultan of Brunei Toby peeled off a tenner from his wallet and plonked himself down on the stool next to his friend.  Saturday was payday.

“So what happened?”

Brian regarded him with sad bloodshot eyes.

“You know the story.  He took her from me.  It’s a money thing.”

He took a melancholy swig from his dirty glass and looked up at the ceiling as if in search of guidance.

“Yeah but I thought you said you had it all worked out.  You could pay for your housing with what you have coming in from your day job and what you earn delivering pizza’s you can use to spoil Suzy.  What’s the problem?”

“Come on Tobs!  Your turn!” shouted the other pool player, growing impatient.  He thumped the thread bare carpet with the end of his pool cue then chalked it with vigorous twists.

“Alright!  Alright!”

“The problem is she needs a lot of attention and I don’t have the time or the money.  I spent the whole of last weekend taking her out, listening to her, getting her kitted out for summer and touching her up.  Cost me a bloody fortune!”

A great lot of cheering and whistling went up at this from those crowded round the bar.

“Dorty bastard!” someone yelled.

Toby clasped him by the shoulder, his handle bar moustache tinged with Guinness foam.

“Seriously Brian, she’s just a feckin’ boat!  As soon as you’re solvent you can buy yourself another one.”

“Yeah…but you know I’ve always wanted Suzy.”

“Well, then perhaps you need something to take your mind off it.  That hungry looking woman over there has been eyeing you up for ages.  How about you go do something about it?”

Brian looked at the woman in the corner warming herself by the peat fire.  She was stunning.  He couldn’t quite think why he hadn’t noticed her before.  But he had now and he was lost.

“You think?”

“Yes I think.  For heaven’s sake go to her or else I bloody well will!”

4 Responses to “Out of His League”

  1. Chef4cook

    I thought it was a woman that he was down about. I like the writing!

  2. Sam

    That was my intention 😉 Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback.

  3. Sam

    Great! It’s one I wrote a while back but I quite like it still so I posted it again 🙂

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