• Ballycastle


    Stacy slammed the door behind her, desperate to get out of the apartment.  Immediately she was greeted by the salt sea air blowing [...]
  • Titanic

    Pier 54

    They’d been apart for the best part of a year now, separated by a huge expanse of water almost three and a half thousand miles [...]
  • images (15)

    The Answer

    Did you ever hear a sound that no one else could hear and then it turned out to be your imagination?  Maybe you heard a car pull [...]
  • Gears-of-Pocket-Watch-0081

    Lost Time (Part one)

      Day 1 (The highlights) Something was crushing me – hard, pinning me from behind.  It was difficult to breathe as if my nose [...]
  • Gears-of-Pocket-Watch-0081

    Lost Time (Part two)

    “I need to clean that wound remember?  We don’t have anything else to use,” I explained holding out my wet blouse.  He seemed [...]
  • 400px-Android

    Meta Man (Part One)

    I often find myself wondering how long humans have been fascinated by time and history.  There are those who would suggest that [...]
  • 400px-Android

    Meta Man (part two)

    I hung my head and pursed my lips, trying to think of something to say. I felt like kicking myself. What an idiot! I hadn’t [...]
  • 400px-Android

    Meta Man (Part Three)

    “Your point being?” growled the meta man. “My point is that although special, you are not unique and that you will be held [...]
  • 400px-PointeShoes1

    A Fragile Idol

    “Well!  How did I do?” snapped Cora, pushing through the throngs of people standing outside her dressing room. “You looked [...]
  • dice1

    Luck of The Draw

    The scene was warm and homely with the family gathered around the TV.  Like millions of other families in Britain they were [...]
  • nickel1

    Just a Nickel

    “Life had not been too kind to Declan just lately.  But according to the horoscope in this morning’s paper that was soon to [...]
  • stars

    The Life and Times of Enchanter Gray

    So many lives, so many wives… I stare across at her sleeping form and try to figure out where she features in the long line [...]

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