• quetz

    Quetzalcoatl’s Gate

    “But my family will never know what’s happened to me!” wailed the voice from beyond the static.  There was a reply somewhere [...]
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    One Down, Six To Go

    “So this was where you last saw him?” “Yes.  We had lunch at the Strawberry Field’s café over there.  Although I have to [...]
  • scourge

    The Scourge from the North

    Hunter’s lips curved upwards slightly as he watched the water burbling gently over the rocks.  The ravenous swarms blighting [...]
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    Not My Bed

    “Can I have a word doctor?” “Sure you can.” Although Dr Lowry was extremely busy he came in to address the patient’s [...]
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    The Donor (Ad Infinitum)

    There are some things you just instinctively know without needing evidence.  I guess you could call it intuition.  Others might [...]
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    Bang, bang, bang! Someone’s knocking at the door. “George!  George!  Aren’t you awake yet?” I open my eyes, feeling confused [...]
  • index

    Unfinished Business

    Once more around the yard she went. Once more searching every nook and cranny between the big brown cobbles worn by the [...]
  • Fairy18-1-366x366


    Darkwood Humans were a dying breed, so Elkin’tor sixth phase of four told her.  Yet here on the forest floor, not a few paces in [...]
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    Out of The Blue

      Inbox: Hi J Hello Suzanne.  How are you doing?  I couldn’t believe it was you when I saw you the other [...]
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    Out of His League

    She had once been his.  Well not really.  He gone out with her for a few months, taken her to all his favourite spots, shown her [...]
  • 4134984-heart-medicine


    If love could cure, Meredith would walk.  She would lean forward and grasp my two outstretched hands and pull herself up onto feet [...]
  • New Book

    So as you may already know, due to recent developments I've no publisher and for all intents and purposes I'm riding by the seat [...]

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