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Not Your Legacy
by: Samantha J Wright
publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, published: 2014-05-28
ASIN: 1499711492
EAN: 9781499711493
price: $10.75 (new)

After a chance meeting at the age of sixteen, Sam leaves behind her father and her reformed alcoholic mother and moves to Northern Ireland to set up home with a man she barely knows. The two of them continue to practice the religion they were both raised in but scratch below the surface and life’s not what it appears. This story documents her battle with depression, abuse, the aftermath of suicide, a troubled marriage, and most of all her disastrous involvement with the Jehovah’s Witness church. It’s a journey that cost her dearly and as many of her readers have already discovered, Not Your Legacy is far more than just a series of real life events. It retells the story of one woman’s metamorphosis of mind, body and soul.

By shirls
Format:Paperback|Verified Purchase
A compelling read from a soul revealing author…
Samantha holds back nothing in this riveting read, she reveals the flaws in a mostly unhappy marriage but also remembers the good times, few and far between though they were…
I think a lot of people can relate to this story if only in parts and will gain the knowledge that however bad things in life are, it is possible to come out of a dark tunnel and know survival is achievable…
A candid no frills look at life through the authors’s eyes had me enthralled from the first page …
This book will give hope to many…


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The Ison Delusion
by: Samantha J Wright
publisher: David James Publishing, published: 2013-05-29
ASIN: 0957561040
EAN: 9780957561045
price: $14.24 (new)

On September 21st 2012 Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok discover the comet ISON just beyond Jupiter’s orbit. Heralded as the comet of the century all eyes are upon ISON as it blazes a trail through our solar system – and it’s not only humans who are spellbound by its beauty. Having entrusted the training of the newly appointed Karma to Sister Sarah Arellano, God can now focus on much more important things – such as the newly discovered comet that conceals an ancient secret. But the human race is no longer simple and neither is the newly appointed Karma. As an ex-con with a troubled past the new Karma is more than a handful for Sister Sarah. His own troubled history as well as the complexity of his first three cases causes him to question the validity of the entire set up. What right does he have as Karma to kill someone for killing someone? And why does God allow bad things to befall good people when he has the power to prevent it? If God wasn’t so engrossed in trying to stop China and the US from laying claim to HIS comet, he might have put those issues to rest. But time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all…even God.

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5.0 out of 5 stars A unique book 2 Aug 2013
Format:Paperback|Verified Purchase
I’ve read quite a number of books over the years and this one is certainly one of the most unique reads I’ve had in a while. Just by having God, Gabriel, Satan and Karma as characters was enough to peak my interest. The story weaves in and out of several plot strands, which had me wondering if it was going to bog down the flow of the story. I’m very pleased to say that it doesn’t and I enjoyed the story immensely. This is Samantha Wright’s strongest book to date, at times has hints of Pratchett and Adams. I can thoroughly recommend this book and I look forward to the author’s next book



by: Samantha J Wright
publisher: David James Publishing, published: 2011-09-17
sales rank: 1079209

From the author of ‘The Sands of Carsaig,’ this is a collection of flash fiction that delves into the realms of, what if?

Supernatural powers, freaks of nature, alien life forms and alternate realities, you’ll find them all here in this superb anthology.

Tsilbora – An alien salvage vessel makes a sinister discovery in a little known region of space.

Outcast – In South West Africa a man of the Awakani tribe dies and suspicion immediately falls upon his wife, a captive taken from an enemy tribe. His family brings her before the rest of tribe where a witchdoctor will use his occult powers to ascertain her guilt. But what will his powerful witchcraft uncover? And will the spirits let her live?

Abubble – When prospects for both Earth and Petra look bleak, she volunteers along with hundreds of others, for what will in all likelihood be a suicide mission. The mission directive is to find a suitable replacement for Earth that can be colonized successfully before Earth’s sun goes nova. Caldar 6 where Petra is headed seems to be a likely candidate. But it can only work as long as she survives the journey and finds the planet uninhabited…

The Answer – When fifteen year old Dean starts hearing strange noises that no one else can hear, those around him believe his dysfunctional home life and tragic family history are to blame. Sorely troubled by the fact that no one believes him, Dean sets out to uncover the truth himself. But sometimes the truth can be hard to swallow – especially when it’s not what you expect.

Dreamwalker – Few Native Americans have the ability to walk in the dreams of others, but Meoquanee has possessed this skill since early childhood. Now that she has reached adulthood her people face the threat of annihilation at the hand of the white man’s advancing forces. Can she use her powers to save her people and stop the cycle of blood shed?

Pathways – What if Tyler could change just one minor decision? Would it make a difference to his life? A story of alternate timelines, exploring the question of what if?



Crossbreed 6
by: Samantha J Wright
publisher: David James Publishing, published: 2013-05-21

Crossbreed 6 is a spicy selection of six short paranormal Syfy stories for all those curious fantasaical minds out there…

Born Again – A boy falls into a swimming pool at a family gathering and has no pulse or respiration for over twenty five minutes. Miraculously the doctors are able to revive him but his parents soon discover that he is not the boy he once was. In fact he seems to be someone else entirely…

Chasing the Dream – After submitting himself to experimental procedures to raise money for his father’s lifesaving surgery, Arturo is plagued by unusual side effects. Is it the treatment or could it be something really unexpected?

Meta man – After the destruction of our home world mankind becomes a nomadic race before finally settling down on Earth MK4. Our forgotten past becomes quite the obsession and haunts our every waking moment. There are just too many questions compounded by a variety of myths. We want the truth…so when a long lost fragment of Earth is discovered spinning through space Jerome Frost, head of the Terrestrial History Division is sent to uncover the truth.

Mosaic – At the site of historical importance a Greek goddess seduces an archaeologist.

The Trench – An underwater dive doesn’t quite go as planned – BIG TIME!
Voicemail – Ever wonder how you reached a certain point in your life? Ever think that you would play it differently given half the chance? That’s the situation facing a man called George. DUI he loses everything. All he wants is the chance to make it right.



The Sands of Carsaig
by: Samantha J Wright
publisher: David James Publishing, published: 2011-04-12
sales rank: 273105

The Sands of Carsaig [Night Chorus – the follow up is now available}

Raised on the Isle of Mull in the middle of the nineteenth century, Lorna McFadden is surrounded by change. Not only is the wild and beautiful coastline subject to constant variation, the economic climate is vastly unstable.

At the age of sixteen her pattern of life seems set on an unalterable course of hardship and poverty with no hope of anything better. Then one tragedy after another strikes, robbing Lorna of her beloved grandfather and threatening her family’s livelihood.

Against the backdrop of famine and the highland clearances Lorna battles the odds, seeking love and a new life elsewhere. They say that every cloud has a silver lining, but for Lorna it seems that tragedy may lead to something infinitely more valuable.

This is a powerful debut novel from Samantha J Wright, a heart wrenching story about a love lost and found, about one couple’s battle against the odds.



Night Chorus
by: Samantha J Wright
publisher: David James Publishing, published: 2012-04-24
sales rank: 223565

From the author of THE SANDS OF CARSAIG, the story continues.

Amidst the excitement of Australia’s gold rush and the emergence of Melbourne as a fledgling state, Lorna and Daniel have carved out a life of their own that they could only ever have dreamed of when first arriving on its paradisiac shores fifteen years ago.

But one day trouble rears its ugly head in the form of a Pandora’s Box of secrets discovered by their wayward daughter Marion. Emboldened by her earth shattering discovery and put out by the return of an old family friend, she leaves home to pursue a life in theatre and in the process almost breaks her mother’s heart.

After more than fifteen years of familial bliss, the flood gates to the past are now beginning to open bringing upon them a deadly tide of jealousy, scandal, illicit passions, betrayal and even murder. Can Lorna and Daniel piece their family back together again? Or is it time to move on and make a new life with what they have left, out in the wilds of Stamford Brook?