Shock, Frock and Two Smoking Barrels 18+ Explicit Content

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My heart is hammering as I walk down the hill towards the local bar. It might be adrenalin or possibly rage. Maybe both. Knowing your husband blithely fucked a Thai prostitute on the last day of your family vacation will do that to a woman – especially one like me. You see I’m not one of those easy going types – you know the ones I mean…

‘Oh let’s give it another chance honey. Just promise me you won’t do it again.’


I’m a 5ft 8 redhead with Domme tendencies and a body that makes many men take a sly extra look. Sometimes not so sly even. And his unfaithfulness and disrespect for me has me in full blown Domme mode. Hence the black steel boned bustier dress that’s gripping my breasts, shoving them up towards my chin and the long white laced mustang boots. Oh yes, I’m getting some tonight and it won’t be his miserable little dick.

The bar is pretty crumby. I know the types that come in here. They’re rough round the edges. I’m going to need to take my time picking. So I order some food and watch, sipping my gin and tonic with what I hope is just the right amount of aloofness and predatoriness.

It doesn’t take long. The two viking types at the table yonder, appear to be having a conversation about me. I busy myself with my dinner that’s just arrived and flirt with the young waiter. Then I flash them a look. They catch it and the two of them smile at each other conspiratorially. As I tackle my steak, sawing off a nice chunk of beef to place in my hungry mouth, something unfortunate happens. A woman arrives. She joins them and chatters away. I know they are still casting furtive glances my way but for the time being, I focus on my dinner and wonder who she is.

The next time I look up, she’s gone and there is only one guy sitting at the table, slowly sipping his beer. Not what I wanted at all. I decide to bide my time. Sure enough, the other man and female return. They’ve been out back, smoking. She gives them each a hug, then leaves. I smile into my gin at this new development and think of unfaithful micro dick sitting at home, quite possibly wondering where I am. I feel no pity or guilt at all. He doesn’t warrant it.

The viking dudes look highly astonished when I suddenly get up from my table, stride across the room and join theirs.

‘Er…hi,’ says the one with the magnificent ruddy beard and tattooed muscular arms.

‘Hi,’ I return, with a smile.

And then I do it. I go in for the kill.

‘I’m just wondering if you two are free tonight. I’d like you both.’

There is some spluttering into beer for a few moments.

‘I’m sorry, what?’ says the guy next to me.

‘You know what I said. I asked if you two are free tonight and are able to give me your company – as in your dicks.’

‘Jeezus Christ! I thought that was what you said. Bit direct aren’t you?’

I shrug and sip my drink watching them squirm. They’re obviously used to being the ones to do the propositioning.

They start asking me questions about where I’m from, what I do for a living, why I’m out alone – the usual stuff, and then they excuse themselves to go for another smoke. When they return, it appears they have reached an agreement…

‘Will we have one more drink and then all go back to my place then?’ asks the one called Ben with a smile.

‘Sure,’ I nod and place my unwedding ringed hand on his muscular thigh and contemplate what might be higher up…

Strangely nothing about our planned liaison is mentioned during the next half hour and suddenly I’m wondering if they’ve gone off the idea. I was a little forceful I suppose. So I alter my attitude a little – tone the sass down, if that is even possible given the dress I’m wearing. Instead of flirting, I ask about them just as they did me – jobs, interests, that sort of thing. I venture to ask who the girl was. Apparently she is Matthew’s ex – they have a child together. Whatever the case maybe, Matthew is mine tonight and so is Ben. She won’t be a feature.

Suddenly Ben looks shocked and recoils visibly. I turn to see what’s caught his attention and to my horror see my errant snot of a husband looming over our table.

‘There!’ he says, casting his wedding ring into Matt’s beer. ‘Good luck with her too! Fucking vengeful bitch.’

‘What the fuck! What did he throw in my beer? Who was that?’ exclaims Matt, gazing into his fizzing glass as behind him the door slams shut.

‘Erm…my ex? And that in your glass is his wedding ring, I think.’

‘Oh shit!’


They look like they’re both about to bolt, so I scramble to reassure.

‘You needn’t worry about him. He’s a coward. The only thing you do need to worry about is which of my holes you’re going to fill. I’ve three and there’s only two of you. So it’s gonna be a busy night.’

This seems to refocus them.

‘Think I’m done with this beer,’ Matt chuckles. ‘Let’s get this one home mate and fill her up.’

They both stand to leave and my pussy clenches strongly in anticipation. Outside the air is cool and a breeze piles in from across the sea. I don’t feel it though. Between the gin and the two men who are suddenly pressed against me, kissing, dry humping and hands roaming, I’m a heated puddle of want in no time. Absent mindedly, I wonder if Harvey has stayed around in the car park to see if I really will go home with them. I hope he has. I suspect they do too.

Matthew’s hand caresses my thigh. Then so does Ben’s. Fingers trail tantalisingly towards my gusset and after teasing my clit through fabric, they boldly stroke beneath. I close my eyes and surrender to my fantasy realised. Two men. Their big strong hands coaxing more wetness from me. Stirring my honey pot, licking their fingers like it’s ambrosia. I want them to go down on me, but we should go. It’s time and I’m oh so fucking doing this.

‘Take me to your place,’ I say breathlessly. ‘Now.’

Playfully, Ben throws me across his shoulder and smacks my ass. I shriek of course, knowing full well it will get their already engorged dicks harder. I wonder if they are at the leaking stage yet. I smirk in the dark…they will be soon. I’ll make sure of it.

Ben’s place is a few minutes walk away. It’s quite well laid out. The garden is landscaped. The ceilings are high. Tasteful artwork lines the walls. Here and there are quirky elements, like the vivarium in the corner housing his two pet lizards, the electric guitar mounted on the wall and the extensive collection of cacti housed inside a bookcase that only contains two actual books.

‘Would you like a drink Lydia?’ one of them asks.

I don’t answer. At least not in words. I just lead them both by the hand to the sofa and push them down. My lips find one of my vikings and my hand dips inside the other’s trousers. We kiss as my thumb swirls Ben’s self lubed cock. It is heavenly. Satin soft. Intricately veined. Thick with a proud, defined tip. That weeping piece of sin is going to feel so good when it slips inside me…but the question is, where?

I get my answer before long. While I kiss Matt, he approaches from behind and rolls my dress over my hips with the kind of growl of frustration you’d expect from a viking. I can feel his eyes on me deciding which orifice he wants. He slicks my entrances with a few swipes of his pre-cummed dick, then tries to lodge his tip in my little ass hole. I am extraordinarily tiny there though.

‘You’ll need to go slow gorgeous if you want in there. I’m not made to take a big cock like yours there easily.’

He grins and starts to get me ready. He circles with his thumb, pushing his cock juices inside. Ben joins his busy hands, fingers slipping noisily inside my sopping cunt.

‘Fucking hell, she’s soaked!’ he says.

I shut him up with a kiss. My hands release his swollen cock. I tease it. Pumping my small fist along its length. Matt has managed to get two fingers inside my rear hole now. His breathing is getting heavy. He leans over me, his dick pressing against my crack.

‘I so fucking need inside you, you bad girl. Let me in,’ he whispers harshly into my ear.

I laugh and reach back, taking control.

It’s going to hurt no matter what I do, but fortunately I can handle a certain amount of discomfort – I am a Switch after all.

He groans as I press his dick in an inch and then remove it, to smear it in my pussy juice. Ben is getting desperate now too and I’m vaguely aware of my own heaving breaths. We are descending into animal lust. A writhing heap of carnality. Ben penetrates me with a violent thrust, using my hips as leverage to press deeper still into my syrupy pussy.

The tendons in his neck stand out as he tries to wait for Matt.

‘Hurry!’ he shouts.

I kiss him. Lick his lower lip sensually.

‘All in good time baby.’

Then I press Matt a good three inches in. The feeling of such choking fullness is insane. All three of us groan out loud in ecstasy. They take over now. I’m just a device for their pleasure at this point. A conglomeration of fuck holes to be used. They see-saw in and out of my squelching heated meat, liquid arousal from all of us flying everywhere. I can feel it trickling down my pussy – tickling my little pink pearl with its gooey warmness. Their muscled bodies grip me, press and consume. I can sense their approaching climax in the stiffness of their physique. Two sets of balls slap, slap, slap my cunt and ass mercilessly, railed as I am into oblivion.

I hear them roar and then, oh my fuck…all three of us explode – pulsing, squeezing, jetting, clenching, creaming, throbbing, filling, pounding, as they brutalistically shove in their copious loads.

When our breathing slows I climb out from between them and lick clean their two smoking barrels and say,

‘I hope you guys aren’t too tired? The night is young yet.’

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