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Was it lurking or admiring from afar?

I guess the outcome tells the truth.

You sidled up,

Turned on the charm.

A predator out for flesh.

She trusted as you asked,

Although deserving of her, you were not.

You gorged on the very dark of her.



The falling blood.

Spattering your tattooed chest.

She searched your face.

Those hooded eyes.

Full of scars you needed touched.

While you roared like a lion,

Back arched,

Till you collapsed, 

In a melee of shaking legs and curls.

Then she lost her sparkle.

Didn’t she?

You held up your lofty mirror.

Showed her her worthlessness.

Her cheapness to the eyes of you.

And all others,

Who might follow.

‘No one is coming to save you’

You told her.’

A disposable human napkin.

Tossed away upon the pile.

‘You must save yourself’

He said quite sagely.

‘From what though?’

She wondered…

‘Men like you Owen?

Who take and take,

And betray once sated,

Or is it the self I need to fear?’

3 responses to “Owen”

  1. If I read in to this poem
    This guy was so wrong in what he said . We all need someone to save us we all need to feel wanted and not to feel worthless you seen the hurt in his eyes and tried to help so why when he got what he was after would he say that . Samantha who ever this is about he was so wrong . We all need help
    We all need someone to care .
    Keep up the good work .


    • True
      And it’s part of life
      We as humans can be so cruel
      We say and do things we don’t mean . But words can cut so deep and stay with you for life as memories .
      Keep up the good work .


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