The Red Thong – Explicit Content. 18+

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He was there as she’d instructed.  He looked afraid even from this distance. His hands were still gripping the steering wheel, bone white.  He must have been very cold since she’d denied him the privilege of clothes and had purposefully made him wait half an hour longer than arranged.

Tonight she was bedecked in a long leather coat. A favourite of hers and oh so wickedly vampish. She walked over, the heels of her thigh high boots clicking sharply as she considered his misdemeanour and what she had planned for him. Harsh his punishment maybe – but he deserved it. He was lucky she wasn’t letting him go. Stealing from a Domme was bad enough, but lying as well was a very serious offence.

She flung open the car door. 

‘Don’t turn around,’ she snapped, cuffing his head. ‘Eyes forward.’

‘Yes Mistress.’

He obeyed, his shaggy blonde hair trembling around his face.

‘Did you bring them?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Then give,’ she said coldly.  Lena held out her hand and he rummaged around in the side door to retrieve a red studded pvc thong.

She snatched them back and eyed him thoughtfully.

‘Did you cum on these?’

His head drooped slightly.

‘I did. And I am so so sorry. I…’

‘Silence.  Get out of the car now and into mine.  Back seat.’

Looking miserable, he did as he was told. A poor naked figure.  So little spare flesh to his bones.  Naked and shivering.  Obviously he was afraid he may be seen, so he hurried almost comically to the car and waited obediently.  

The entire fifteen minute journey she enforced silence.  He had no idea what was waiting for him back at her place and the thought alone was like nails dragged down a chalkboard in his mind.

She smiled grimly and swept into the drive.  

‘Out!’ she barked.

‘Yes Ma’am.’

Once inside, Lena fastened a patent red studded collar to his neck and attached a leash. 

‘On your knees.’

He complied and his Mistress eyed his pasty buttocks cleaved by a valley of darkened hair.

‘Come,’ she growled, tugging his leash. He followed close to heel till they arrived at the lounge door.  His eyes went wide at the sound of voices. 

‘You are not to speak.  And you will follow all instructions. Understood?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

With a curt nod she pushed open the door and led her errant submissive inside.  All eyes were suddenly on them as if all else had faded from existence.  The women smirked over the rims of their prosecco but remained silent. They knew the score and why they were there.  All were Dommes. And all were stunningly beautiful.  Daniel seemed to almost shrivel under their gaze. His penis did it’s best to retreat into his loins.  Lena bent down and flicked the sorry looking thing with her thumb and forefinger. 

‘Ladies,’ She said, glancing round the room. ‘We’re here tonight for an evening of wine tasting and discussion. But as you know, there is the small matter of this one’s disobedience and punishment to attend to.  As such I have decided to combine the two events in an entertaining and rather ingenious way.’

She motioned for Daniel to recline on the tantra chair in the center of the room.  He looked extremely uneasy lying there on his back, fully exposed to the viewing of all 6 women and his Mistress.

‘Knees up to your stomach sub,’ she purred. When he hesitated, a sharp smack to his right buttock did the job.

‘Better.  Now hold position.’

His legs were trembling visibly.  She felt no pity. 

‘Olivia, could you pour the first wine please?’

The serving girl stepped forward and part filled everyone’s glass, explaining the wine’s origins and notes.  As she rambled on, Lena took a few items of paraphernalia out of a nearby drawer.  Daniel’s cheeks were already ruddy with embarrassment but when she lubed up his ass with a latex gloved finger and dicked him with her fingers he turned scarlet.  For a moment she thought he might protest. But her warning to stay silent had struck home.  As the ladies talked amongst themselves about the vintage wine, she took a silver funnel from a velvet lined box and carefully inserted it into the subs anus.  What she said next made his eyes bulge.

‘As you know ladies, wine tasting requires an unmuddled palate and so we use a spitoon traditionally. However, for tonight and as his punishment, Daniel will offer up his ass to you to use as a spitoon.’

They all murmured their approval. Several of them looked admiringly at Lena.  It was a great punishment even by their reckoning.

As Daniel lay spread and open, Rachel approached with her perfect white breasts overflowing bountifully from a black and blue corset. She sniffed her wine deeply from the fragile glass, took a gulp and swirled it inside her mouth, eyes narrowing.  She leaned forward and spat heartily into the funnel lodged in Daniel’s ass and winced.

‘I’m not a fan of that one.  Too much tannin.’

Daniel lay blinking as the liquid slid deeply.  Two more women approached and simultaneously used his arsehole to rid themselves of the contents of their mouths. They both agreed with Rachel.  Too much tannin.  Behind them Daniel felt invisible as they chatted.  Just like a piece of the furniture or a utensil. Even worse – like an old fashioned chamber pot. 

As the evening went on and more wine was tasted, he grew increasingly aware of the fullness of his rectum. He wondered how much of it was saliva from the dominant females and how much of it was wine. He also noticed them looking inside the funnel at times. He wondered what they could see and if any of them wanted to touch him.  In fact he very much wanted them to touch him – caress his dick and maybe suck it.  Mistress Mellissa in particular seemed to have very plump lips and the thought of her mouth coaxing his cum from him whilst his ass was full of Domme saliva was intense. His cock stiffened at these thoughts and his glans became slicked with clear ooze.

‘Oh oh oh…what have we got here?’ said his Mistress standing over him.  She used a riding crop to show off his erection to those gathered.

‘I think someone is enjoying this rather too much.’

The Dommes all agreed.

‘What do you think we should do about it?’

A Domme called Briony strolled over with an empty glass.

‘I think he should drink,’ she said motioning towards the funnel sticking out of his cleft.

‘Excellent idea.’

Daniel’s cheeks blazed as he was helplessly held aloft the empty glass.  They held his arms out and bade him to squeeze the liquid from his insides. It poured out in a pink cocktail of rioja, pinot grigio, claret and saliva.  As he drank it, they dressed him in the red stolen thong and witnessed his humiliation with glee.

‘So are you going to steal again, sub?’

‘No Mistress,’ he replied, grimacing at some unknown remnants swirling at the bottom of the glass.

‘Good.  Then you may spend the rest of the evening serving drinks.  And if you do well, I just might take you to bed after and fuck you.’

Daniel suppressed a huge grin and tucked his bulging junk into the too tight red thong.  

‘Yes Miss.  It will be my pleasure to serve.’

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