Queen Naphtalie’s Harem – Part 3. Narration. Explicit Content. 18+

Written version…

No woman had ever fucked Jared. He always took control.  If she led matters it would be a new experience for him. The thought of her bossing them, caused his hormones to surge. But maybe the whole thing was an act. The authoritative woman approach. Maybe she wasn’t really like that deep down.  Maybe she just wanted hot male flesh. Perhaps she was looking for a reaction.  If so she was probably going to get it. The entire time he had served as her Equerry, he had spent long hours suppressing his penis from running riot. Being naked was sending his libido stratospheric. It was hard enough being civil with clothes on around her person. The thought of her eyes on him and of her want of him was deeply heady.

Any doubts as to the authenticity of her Domme tendencies were blown completely out of the water when he entered the room drawn along as he was by the length of chain.

Number seven was crouched on all fours by the fire, also naked and cock caged, looking for all the world like a man about ready to lose his mind.  Opposite him, a few feet away, The Queen was undressing a young maid possessed of the most mind bendingly erotic curves whilst beside them stood a polished copper bath filled to capacity with rose scented hot water.

‘Put him over there will you please Michael, beside number seven,’ said Naphtalie, to the stable hand who had just brought him up to her room.

‘Yes, Ma am.’

The stable hand left and she proceeded to ignore them both and unlace the young maids corset.

Although the room was warm, the maid shivered violently.

‘Are you nervous, my sweet?’ asked the Queen.

‘Yes, my lady.’

‘There is no need to be, my little wren.’

The Queen palmed one of the girl’s breasts and feathered kisses towards her pert nipple.  Gazing briefly at both men, she sucked the nipple into her warm mouth and shoved the dress the rest of the way off, exposing her shapely bottom.

‘Such a pretty little wren, come to play with your Queen,’ smiled Naphtalie. ‘Bend over for me, so that I might see your little groove.’

Unconsciously, the men leaned forward.

‘Stay as you were you two. No one asked you to join this scene…yet.’

The servant girl still hadn’t made a move.  Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes twinkled in the fire light.

‘Shy are we?’ murmured the Queen.

Realising her mistake, the girl hastily bent forward, legs spread, hands cupping her knees and showed those in the room her dripping cunt.

‘You look a little bit aroused, my dear…what are you expecting this eve? A little attention for this salivating, honeyed hole?’ As she spoke, Naphtalie inserted a finger deep into the vagina of the maid and then spread the wet over the girl’s protruding clit.  The men could see it glistening from across the room. The sight of it sent even more blood rushing to their dicks, as if nature was preparing them to rut that very second. 

‘Is that nice?’ she asked, swirling her forefinger lazily around her nubbin.  The girl’s legs were shaking.

‘Oh yes, Ma am!’

She groaned and steadied herself on the edge of the bath, as Naphtalie knelt down and slipped her tongue a good inch inside her pussy.  Looking over her shoulder at the two seed bearers, she licked her lips and delved once more into the girl’s warm cunt. Behind her, the men were fit to explode.  She ignored them and continued to perform slow cunnilingus on the girl.

After a few minutes, she stood and bit the girl hard on the ass, causing her to squeal loudly.

‘Would you like to put your cocks in here?’ she asked the males, spreading the girls vagina open for them to see.

‘We will do whatever you ask my Queen,’ stuttered Jared, wincing at the discomfort of his hardon.

‘What about you, Seven? Do you want to fuck her?’

Seven looked intently at the Queen.

‘No, I do not. My cock is for her Majesty alone. Unless she orders me otherwise.’

Naphtalie smirked at the puffy exposed pussy of the servant girl.

‘Such good boys aren’t they my little wren? And their cocks are all for me.’

She stroked the pubic hair of the maid and then helped her climb into the fragrant bath.

The water rippled around the maid and her eyes closed blissfully at the heat.

‘You stay there a little while my pet, I have business to attend to with these stallions.’

From across the room ‘little wren’ watched as the Queen ordered the Seed Bearers to undress her.  They looked eager but also daunted by their task; fingers fumbling with buttons, hooks and a multitude of ribbons.

Number seven’s erection brushed her thigh, smearing his manly glue across it.

‘I am sorry, your Majesty. Do you wish me to clean it off?’ he asked.

‘No. But I am going to release you from that cock cage. You’ve coped with it well.’

A smile of pride flickered across his handsome face.  From about her neck she unfastened the chain that held the key to his imprisonment and slipped it in the lock.

‘Such a good boy,’ she purred, rubbing his aching penis that was banded like a zebra by the confines of his chastity cage.  It swelled furiously now that it’s freedom was assured.  

‘You boys sit there and be good. I have to bath Fen. She must be clean if she is to serve the Queen.’

As they watched she crawled across the room on all fours giving both men their first and fully unhindered view of her pussy…and her pristine asshole.  They tried not to think about shoving inside, of crowding her with their bodies and ministering to her with unbridled lust. They knew she was indeed teasing them and fanning the flames that licked through their veins and they submitted to it willingly, albeit with great discomfiture. 

Beside the bath was a large jug also of burnished copper. Mistress Naphtalie filled it and trickled the water over Fen’s bosom and hair. Once adequately whetted, she took the girl’s hair in her hands and lathered soap into it, massaging her scalp, neck, shoulders and breasts. The girl looked soporific as the Queen attended to her so genteely. Leaning forward, the Queen kissed her sweetly on the throat and drew a mother of pearl comb through her maids dripping hair.

‘Isn’t she beautiful?’ she said, to the men sitting mesmerized by the fire.

They nodded and Fen smiled as if under the influence of some deep, ancient magic.

Thus anesthetized by the attention bestowed upon her, Fen did not even flinch when the first, second and third snip of the shears reached her ears. Nor when she saw a clump of her beautiful blonde hair drop into the water beside her submerged thigh.  In fact she lifted it and examined it curiously as if it belonged to someone else. Number seven however was not so mute.

‘Your Highness, do you intend to shave her head?’ he said quietly.

Naphtalie stopped, hand frozen mid snip.

‘WHAT did you just say to me?’

Her voice was devoid of all emotion. It leached the life out of everyone in the room leaving only fear in its place.

She dropped the shears and walked – no stalked across the room. Her nakedness did not shame her. Naphtalie plunged to a crouching position, knowing full well her Queenly cunt was on display, wafting its pheromones over number seven till he was almost mindless with yearning.

‘Did you just question my actions, sub?’ she said, voice flat as a mill pond.

He looked flustered and eminently vulnerable. His erection cowered and sweat appeared on his brow.

‘I did not intend it that way, Mistress. I am devoted to you. It’s just that…she has such beautiful hair and it will take time to grow back. And what with the colder weather drawing in…’


The monarch released all her rage in one great belting slap across his face.

He licked a drop of blood away from his lip and she loomed closer.

‘If you EVER question me again you will be dismissed. You will be banished from these doors. You will be shaved. And if I’m really displeased, these little beauties will bear the brunt,’ she said, casually examining his balls.

‘Do you understand?’

‘Yes Ma am.’

She drew back her hand and slapped him hard across his sac.

It took everything in his power not to cry out.  His breathing came out in rapid snorts. His eyes blazed with pain. But he held it.

‘Because of your outburst, there is to be a change of plans. You will shear Fen’s hair for me.’

The fire crackled and she glared at the three of them, daring them to defy her.

‘Do you consent Fen? Shall you allow number seven to render you bald?’

‘I do. Willingly. Whatever pleases my Queen.’

Naphtalie handed seven the shears, daring him to rebel.

But he didn’t. He swiftly cut off every single lock of her hair, then lathered her stubble and drew the straight razor across her head till it was bare. Jared watched silently. He had known there was darkness in Naphtalie before, but not to this extent. He wondered how deep it ran as he watched the razor flash and glimmer. 

‘You are still beautiful, little wren,’ said the Queen, towelling the now bald girl off beside the fire.

‘Do you know why?’

Fen shook her head, standing bashfully in her exposedness.

‘You are a good girl is why. You never questioned my orders. Not even for a second. Obedience is beautiful. Your ability to recognise valid dominance is beautiful. And that is why I cherish you.’

Naphtalie stroked her servant’s labia as she said this and when she was done she slipped her finger inside her mouth to taste the maiden’s sweetness.

‘Now off you go Fen. Get a good night’s sleep. I may well need your help with the other males tomorrow. Ryleigh in particular is going to be a handful.’

Fen curtseyed, clothed herself hurriedly and then left.

‘How can we serve you my lady?’ said Jared huskily, as soon as the door closed. Both men were stiff beyond comfort and slick drooled suspended from their tiny slits.

She sat down in a throne like chair and drank in the delectable view. 

‘You will serve me now by going back to your stables. But before you leave you may each lick my cunt twice. Two strokes. Whilst in your stables you will think about this evening and you will wank your cocks in tribute to me. Am I not a kind Mistress?’

‘Yes my lady.’ they nodded.

She pulled on a coiled satin cord that was suspended from the ceiling and the newly invested Equerry appeared to take them away.

‘One moment Callum, they have one last duty to perform.’

She hiked one bare leg up onto the arm of the pseudo throne and bade Jared to come lave her pussy. 

His tongue was like molten satin when it bathed her pink flesh. The first stroke was over too soon. But the second he made linger, with silky saliva and grazings of his handsome beard. When it was over he went to stand by the Equerry and watched as number seven suckled her Queenly clit. His face was glazed with her oozing. He literally reeked of Queen quim.

And as they were led away naked to their stables, both men silently replayed the evening in their heads and wondered what the Queen would be doing next.

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