Queen Naphtalie’s Harem (QNH) – Part 8. Explicit Content. 18 +

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For the next twenty four hours, Gavin began to think he had imagined the exchange outside the burning stable block.  She made no mention of it and she barely even glanced his way. Once again she took Daniel and Julius to her bed the following night. He did not want to dwell on what they got up to, but judging by the awkward gait of the both of them, she had ridden them pretty hard until the break of day.

As if to tease him, she wore the tight black leather ensemble again on the final day, only this time with the addition of a ceremonial sword. God’s did she look hot and there was a fierceness to her expression that almost made him hope that tonight would not be the night.  He had no hope of dominating that which occupied the throne this day.

‘Ladies and gentlemen!’ Bellowed the Master of the games. ‘It was promised to you on the first day of the games that on the last day the Queen herself would announce the greatest and most prestigious prize of the tournament. And since we only have one final contest left – the last round of swordsmanship, between our finalists Magnus and Drax, it is time for her Royal Highness to make known the victor’s prize…’

He made a deep bow to the Queen and Naphtalie rose.  For a moment she said nothing.  She just scanned those assembled. Her Seed Bearers shifted subtly, sensing a moment of gravitas.

‘We have seen three days of courage, audacity, strength and acuity. Subjects from across the realm have fought, challenged, engaged, lost and won. And for that we salute you. But in this final hour, we will witness two of our bravest and strongest in battle. All for the honour of the greatest prize. And the prize is a dual one. And right now it is only known to me. Do you wish to hear what your Queen will bestow upon the victor?’

‘Yes!’ the crowd cried.

Oh gods! Please don’t let it be a night alone with the Queen, thought Gavin. That privilege is mine, surely. Let it be mine alone.

‘Hush, hush…Alright then. Alright..your Queen will tell all,’ smiled Naphtalie benignly. ‘The victor of the last and final round will receive an honour that no other has ever had. They will fight the Queen, here in this very arena for all to see, sword to sword, shield against shield, for the honour of receiving a singular kiss from my lips.’

There was a stunned silence and Naphtalie wondered if her announcement had been heard at all. To the right of her, Ryleigh choked on his mead.

‘The second prize is that the winner will also accompany the Queen as she distributes funds to the poor and needy here in the city of Jarlsgard. Each coin rendered will be matched and presented to the winner at the end of the day.’

‘Well! It is a prize without rival, is it not, my dear citizens?’ cried the Master of the games, hoping to stir the crowd.

The sound of applause and the stamping of feet reverberated throughout the stadium and on opposite sides of the battle arena the two finalists – Magnus and Drax eyeballed each other apprehensively. 

‘What the fuck is she doing?’ hissed Jared under his breath to Ryleigh.

‘I know!’

‘No one in their right mind is going to want to fight the Queen. We must stop it now. Before this goes any further,’ whispered Jared. ‘She could be killed!’

‘What do you suggest?’

‘I’ll speak to her.’

Ryleigh chuckled silently. ‘ Good luck with that.’

Jared scowled at what he perceived to be the other man’s indifference, unaware it was nothing of the kind.

‘Your Majesty, I may speak with you please,’ Jared began, standing to the right hand side of her.

Naphtalie never took her eyes off the competitors who were about to begin the final showdown.

‘You will do no such thing. My mind is made up, Seed Bearer. You are a supplier of cum and a toy. Nothing more. You are not my adviser. So go and sit down. You are not needed at this time. You will be summoned should that situation change.’

Never in his life had Jared been made to feel more insignificant. He was just a set of balls and a cock for breeding, a pretty face for the Queen to leer at as she got pounded from behind. He walked away, wiping his mouth as if he’d been smacked. Stunned, he took his seat and along with the rest of them watched Magnus and Drax square up to each other.

Both were impressively made. If the Queen’s announcement had caused them any alarm, they certainly didn’t show it. Drax dodged the first few parrys from Magnus, knowing they were merely a test. Magnus also knew that Drax quite possibly might be down playing his reflexes in order to put him off guard. They danced and swooped, slashed and lunged, until the deciding blow was all that stood between them and a kiss from the Queen’s lips.

‘You ready to go down, you mangey fucker?’ growled Drax, tossing his wooden sword from one hand to the other.

Magnus never replied. He just feigned a lunge to the right, swept his legs beneath Drax’s sending him crashing to the ground and sat upon his chest with the wooden sword jammed against his neck.

‘Yield?’ he said.  Drax spat forcefully in his face.

‘Do that again and I will ram it up your arse. Do. You. Yield?’

Drax writhed. But it was of no use.

‘Yes! Yes I yield!’

Magnus jumped to his feet and saluted the cheering masses. Already the Queen was descending the steps, sword drawn.

‘We will fight with real swords,’ she said, squaring up to him. A young lad of about thirteen ran towards Magnus, handed him a sword and took away the wooden one.

‘You may take the second part of the first prize now,’ she said, approaching him slowly, gazing at his lips as she did so.

Caught in her thrall, his eyes flared as she grabbed his naked shoulders and pressed her lips passionately to his, her mouth undulating, tongue seeking, tasting, licking and finally biting lower lip.  The only evidence of his inner commotion was his tightly drawn brows.

He crouched and circled her, sword wavering slightly in his right hand, ready to bite.

‘I can’t fucking look,’ breathed Daniel in the stands above.

The other Seed Bearers looked on in equal measure of dread and fascination.

Next to Magnus the Queen looked so slender and fragile – until she moved. Which she did with amazing agility and speed. Magnus was suddenly no longer so self assured as her sword opened up a four inch gash across his right bicep. 

It was a cunning blow. The pain and flowing blood would impede his ability to attack and defend. 

He grinned. Then swapped his sword to the left hand, glad in that moment of his gift of ambidextrousness.

She laughed and swiped a stray curl out of her field of vision. 

‘Come my little butterfly, Mamma needs to clip your other wing.’

‘It is yours for the taking, your Majesty. Right here,’ he said, gesticulating.

Her smile turned into a scowl and she launched herself at him, delivering a blur of vicious blows. He blocked them all. So she backed off, breathing heavily.

‘My turn,’ he said after a moment.

He charged her, prompting a volley of gasps from the audience, his sword just missing her head.

‘He’s a fucking dead man if he hurts her,’ said Ryleigh, jumping to his feet. The others dragged him back into his seat.

But his concerns were unfounded. Magnus had invested too much into the blow and she slammed her shoulder into him while he was still off balance, taking full advantage. He staggered. So she kicked him hard in the midriff twice. He doubled over and she slammed him repeatedly to the back of the head with the pommel of her sword till he slumped to the ground, in a drooling bleeding mess. 

‘I think you may have underestimated our mistress,’ said Gavin, turning smugly towards Ryleigh as he clapped in celebration with the rest of the crowd.

The look that Ryleigh gave him could have melted steel. But Gavin didn’t care. Very soon Naphtalie would be his alone, so Ryleigh could go to fuck.

On the way back to the Countesses castle, Naphtalie insisted on walking in front of the entourage with Magnus on a chain.  They said nothing to each other. In fact he refused to look at her. It didn’t stop her swagger though. Her black leather clad ass teased the menfolk behind her as it swayed from side to side. And Gavin’s plans for their one off nocturnal secret grew ever dirtier by the minute. Her ass was going to be his. His dick had decreed it.

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