Queen Naphtalie’s Harem – Part 5. Narration. Explicit Content. 18+

Written version…

Since Jarlsgard was over two days’ ride away and the weather was unseasonably cold, the Queen’s entourage were permitted to wear furs as they followed behind on their steeds. Inside the Queen’s chariot however, the four human stallions accompanying her for warmth were allowed no such privilege. Two sat humbly at her feet, naked, periodically ducking their heads beneath her skirts to warm and caress her legs.  The other two pressed equally closely. Ryleigh pressed his naked chest against her side and Jared had his head in her lap, sending scalding waves of breath into her crotch whilst his big strong hand reached up and massaged her bosom. 

Later that night, when Ryleigh and Jared massaged warm oil into the Queen’s body, they realised their Mistress had not only been teasing them throughout the journey, she had also been teasing herself. Four warm unclothed males in such close proximity for hours, filling her chariot with their pheromones, had left her in an extreme state of want. When she rolled over onto her back amongst the furs, the flickering light revealed her budding nipples.  As they were slick with oil of rose, sandalwood and Neroli, their sheen matched that of her dripping slit. Scarcely able to breathe and shaking, the men continued to tend her aching muscles, smoothing her silky skin with their palms, circling troublesome areas with their skilled fingers. She moaned softly and parted her lips. In a gesture of abandon, she flung one arm up over her head to join her thick mane of hair fanned out across the feather filled pillow. Her other hand snuck towards Ryleigh’s dick. But at the very last moment, she slipped two fingers into her mouth and then inserted them slowly into her pussy.  The two seed bearers could hear how wet she was as she slid her fingers in and out. She seemed to be focusing on teasing her entrance more than achieving any great depth; both men made important note of this. 

She closed her eyes blissfully and writhed a little, lost in wild abandon. It took everything in the men’s power not to mount her and just slide in. Her lying there, her scent enticing them, her warm soft flesh wrapped in furs, the light so becoming on her beautiful body. She was their Queen and from what they could see, she wanted them both very much. She was in control though. It was not for them to just take, like common tavern goers ensnaring a serving maid.

So they waited. When they reached the stage of being unable to hide the tremors of lust wracking their bodies, she held up her pussy soaked fingers to the light and gazed almost drunkenly at Jared.

‘Open,’ she told him.

He did as he was told and she slipped her fingers inside his mouth. That did something to him. A good proportion of his control was lost. The sweet tang of her on his tongue made him slightly delirious. His head rolled a little, his eyelids fluttered.  He grabbed her forearm as he sucked her juices from her slender digits. Ryleigh watched, kneading her breasts, desperate for his turn to come.  Which of course it did. She needed to mark him too.

After coating her fingers in more teased oozings, she circled the breast he had been massaging in her slick.

‘Taste me. Taste my cunt,’ she said softly.

Ryleigh bent his head and took her nipple into his mouth gladly. Her back arched as his warm mouth laved her. Her cunt felt sorrowfully empty and so as he continued to suck and clean, she informed the wide eyed Jared that he must fill her.

He’d been waiting so long for this moment. They all had. Now it was here. Never had he seen a pussy look more beautiful – more desirable. The outer lips were plump with want and promised a sweet cushioning against his forceful rut. Her clit was petite – a darling pink pearl peeking from her womanly folds. From her secret place, her lust for him trickled and it was into this lust that he rubbed his cockhead, smearing himself in queenly cream. 

Millimeter by millimeter he pushed inside, feeling her body swallow him whole. A thrill raced through his body like a tidal wave and he had to grip his balls to stop himself cumming. He looked up at Ryleigh’s envious face, panting.

If only he knew how hard this is! Jared thought.  

But there was no denying the ecstasy either.

What the fuck is he doing! Thought Ryleigh. Can he not see how badly she needs to cum? 

Suddenly the Queen pushed them both away.

‘On your backs opposite each other, ass against ass.’

They looked confused, so she shoved them into position.  Neither of them knew what to make of having their parts so close to anothers. If they thought that was discomforting, nothing prepared them for what she did next.

She took both their dicks and pressed them together till their sacs touched and lowered herself down upon them till she was impaled.

‘FUCK!!’ exclaimed both men.

They gritted their teeth at the sensation of filling her pussy so full and being jammed against each other.

She grinned.

‘Now, you both be good boys and lie there nicely, while I take my pleasure,’ she said, starting to bounce up and down on their cocks.

A few moments later on the outskirts of the encampment, the other three submissives woke to the sounds of an extended wailing of excruciating pleasure from the Queen’s tent.

‘I guess they finally fucked her then,’ sighed number two.

‘Aye,’ grunted number one, turning over. ‘Either that or someone just slaughtered a couple of pigs.’

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