The Sugar Cube – Explicit Content. 18+

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Davina drew into the parking lot and turned the engine off with a sigh.

“I really don’t think I can do this!” she mumbled turning to her friend Nicky.

Nicky rolled her eyes and grabbed Davina by the shoulders.

“Of course you can. Don’t you want to look your best when you sashay down to that heavenly surf on Waikiki beach? You need to advertise the fact that you’re now free and single. Not the fact that you’ve just been dumped and that he made you feel like shit!”

“Ok, ok, ok!” cried Davina holding up her hands.

Nicky smiled and hugged her best friend.

“Come on now,” she said firmly. “It’s time for a little pampering in the Sugar Cube Salon. And if you’re going to wear that gorgeous new teeny tiny bikini on holiday, you, my friend need a Brazilian.”

“Yeah?” said Davina. “Well it had better be worth it.”

A couple of hours later Davina sat in front of the salon mirror turning her head this way and that. She had to admit that her new chin length hairstyle looked quite sophisticated and she couldn’t help taking another peek at her freshly manicured nails.

“Looking good!” Nicky called out from the chair beside her. “All that’s left now is the waxing parlour. You did take those painkillers I gave you didn’t you?”

Davina nodded wondering whatever she was letting herself in for.

“Ok Jody and Mel are ready for you now,” said one of the uniformed girls guiding them towards the stairs. “Room twelve for you Nicky and room four for you Davina.”

The urge to chicken out and opt for an eyebrow wax instead was nearly overwhelming but Davina knew her friend would never let her get away with it and besides she also knew that for her new bikini to look good it required nothing less than a completely hairless down stairs. So there was nothing else for it.

“Ok. Brazilian here I come,” she declared opening the door to room number four.

“See you in a bit,” said Nicky grinning over her shoulder.

It’s alright for you, thought Davina. You’ve done this before. Shutting the door behind her she glanced around the room. The blinds were drawn but several bright lights illuminated the room including a comfortable looking treatment couch. Soft greens were the colour of choice for the d├ęcor and in the corner a serene looking Buddha water feature bubbled away pleasantly.

In the opposite corner an oriental looking lacquered room divider hid the therapist from view. The sound of drawers opening and wax being prepared came from behind the screen. Davina lowered herself onto the couch and ran her hands across the soft Egyptian towelling. She smiled inwardly at the little touch of luxury. Soothing music began to play, so she leaned down and slipped off her shoes, sighing with relief. Her feet still hadn’t recovered from their marathon shopping trip yesterday.

“Sore feet, huh?” said a good looking guy appearing from behind the screen. He smiled at Davina’s surprised expression.

What the hell? Thought Davina.

“I’m Jody,” he said still smiling. “Here, let me take a look at those feet. It’s always good to be relaxed before we start.”

Davina looked down at him massaging her feet and cringed inwardly, thinking of her cracked heels. He wore a spotless black uniform of the same kind that the salon workers downstairs wore and on the wall were his diplomas. There was no mistake. He was her therapist.

“You ever had a Brazilian before?” he asked rubbing her left foot in firm circular motions with his thumbs.

“Er…no,” admitted Davina.

“Well I won’t lie to you,” he said looking a bit serious. “Very few people experience no pain. Usually it’s just uncomfortable but it all depends on your pain threshold and how skilled your therapist is. But rest assured I will do everything in my power to minimise your discomfort.”

“How does that sound?” he said fixing his molten brown eyes on hers.

Scary and intriguing all at the same time, she wanted to say. But instead she said,” Yep. Sounds fine. Let’s get on with it.”

He left the room briefly while she took everything off all except for her light summer vest top and bra. Feeling acutely exposed she lay back on the couch and waited. After a few minutes he came back to ask if she was ready.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” she replied.

Pulling back the screen he drew the wax melting apparatus closer and adjusted the lights.

“Ok. We’ll start on the outside and work our way inwards to the more sensitive areas,” he said sounding extremely professional.

She nodded and closed her eyes.

God this was embarrassing! Why did it have to be a guy? And an absolute hottie at that?

Already her body was tensed and ready for pain so by the time she felt the comforting warmth of hot wax being smoothed onto her groin she had already lowered her guard. Quick as lightning he applied a strip of waxing paper, smoothed it down and whipped it off before she even knew what was happening.

Biting down hard on her lip she, screwed her eyes shut as he repeated the process again and again.

He’s a bloody sadist! She thought trying not to cry out loud.

“You ok?” he said gently pushing her legs apart so that he could reach those more intimate areas he had mentioned earlier.

She nodded and tried not to think about the undignified position she was in.

“Davina could you put your leg out to the side and rest your foot on my hip?” he said.

She moved her leg but it was not what he really wanted from her.

“No, no. Like this,” he said reaching forward to move her into position.

Her eyes flew open as a strong masculine hand grasped one of her peach skin soft buttocks and the other one carefully parted her labia.

“Keep your leg there,” he said applying hot wax as quickly as he could. Suddenly the hair was ripped away and a muffled squeal escaped from her lips.

“Almost done,” he said patting her leg reassuringly. “Now place your left foot on my hip, just as you did before so that I have a clear view.”

Obediently she complied and was rewarded with yet more agony as he tore away another strip. Last but not least she kneeled on all fours and parted her cheeks while he removed the hair from her deepest, darkest crevice.

“All done,” he said helping roll over onto her back.

He held up a mirror for her to see his handy work. Davina looked down and winced. Unable to resist an exploratory stroke he ran his hands lightly between her legs and was pleased to find it extraordinarily smooth. Once the redness faded, that would be one picture perfect pussy, he thought wistfully. Pity he wouldn’t be around to take a picture or two…

“Still sore?” he said frowning.

“Yeah,” admitted Davina.

“That’s pretty normal. I’ll apply some aloe vera lotion. That should help,” he said seizing the opportunity to touch her again.

He disappeared behind the screen to fetch the lotion and Davina’s hands flew down to her blazing nether regions.

Well at least they were beautifully smooth, she thought, trying her best to forget the pain.

She lay back and watched him pour a generous amount of lotion into the palm of his hand where he let it linger till it was almost warm. Their eyes met briefly, enhancing her steadily increasing arousal. Then parting her legs gently he worked it into her rose pink folds and creases, watching her pain subside with open mouthed satisfaction.

“Is that any better?” he said his busy fingertips strategically missing her tingling clitoris.

“A little bit more if you don’t mind? It still feels red hot,” she said her eyes willing him to explore even further.

“So what does the name Davina mean? “he asked tracing a non-committal path with his fingers, avoiding her obvious wetness.

“It means beloved,” she answered opening her legs a little more in an attempt to lure him in.

“Oh,” he said smiling. “I thought it meant divine.”

“Unfortunately not,” she said squirming slightly.

“Well I think divine would be much more apt,” he murmured. And with that he slipped a finger inside her, his face never leaving hers so that he could the gage the depth of her reaction.

Wow! She thought supressing a moan. It’s like I’ve stepped into one of my midnight fantasies.

“Does that feel good?” he asked touching her deeply and then slowly withdrawing his forefinger so that he could feel every inch of her rose pink interior. He felt himself stiffen even further at the sight of a creamy trickle making its way from her rapidly dilating entrance all the way down to her tightly pursed backdoor.

“No,” she lied. “You’ll have to do better than that to distract me from the pain. It really hurts.”

“Ok,” he said inserting two fingers this time. Gently he wiggled them, teasing her g spot mercilessly for several minutes before withdrawing them and using her silky wetness to pleasure her on the outside.

She groaned half expecting him to stop now, but he felt an undeniable urge to watch her succumb to his body. Question was would she let him? And if so what would it take to put her over the edge?

Making sure she could see, he licked every drop of her delicious moistness from his fingers as though it were some kind of nectar whilst occasionally flicking his tongue in between his index and forefinger, hinting at what was in store.

Surely he’ll stop now? She thought. He’ll be afraid of getting into trouble.

But she didn’t want him to stop. So she offered him a little encouragement. Leaning back upon the soft cotton towels she reached down and exposed herself to him, using her fingers to spread herself wide. There’s an open invitation if ever there was one, he thought.

Sliding a finger inside herself, she then withdrew it using its glistening wetness to beckon him to her. He sucked it hungrily and then let his warm breath linger between her thighs to let her know what he intended to do.

Resting his chest on the edge of the couch he slowly ran his tongue down her silken grove. When he reached her gaping shell pink opening he pulled back and took another look, imagining what it would be like to sink his cock into her balls deep till he erupted like a creamy volcano inside her.

Maybe she would let him if he made her want it enough, he thought. Concentrating on avoiding the areas he’d waxed he focused on giving her pleasure without actually making her cum.

Looking down at his head nestled between her legs, she moaned hoping he’d take off his clothes and give her exactly what she wanted. She lay back in ecstasy, caressing her breasts, enjoying the attention he was lavishing on her clitoris. It was as though the rest of her was a slowly melting ice cream and that was the juicy cherry on top. He took long languorous licks that began inside her gooey slit and finished just beneath her navel before going right back to the start again. It was a heart stopping cycle of pleasure that she was reluctant to interrupt but she desperately wanted to feel him inside her, so that he knew just how good she felt.

Once more he used his forefinger to explore her slippery wetness while leaning forward to suck and lick her greedily. She started to moan and push herself towards him, a sure sign that she was going to cum at any moment. He stopped for a minute and pulled away, just long enough to remove his trousers and boxers.

Davina could already see drops of pre-cum glistening on top of his exposed erection. Leaning down she tenderly licked it off and smiled. He tasted sweet as she had known he would. Cupping his unbelievably soft scrotum in one hand she licked and sucked his rock hard shaft with the other. A tingle pulsated through her as he squirmed in response to the action of her thirsty mouth and beautiful soft warm tongue. She knew it wouldn’t take much for them both to climax now. The thought of him climaxing inside her made her legs start to shake. When was he going to take her?

This is going to be epic, she thought as he picked her up and lifted her onto the couch. His mouth sought hers, their tongues betraying where they had been just moments before. Slowly he lowered himself onto her as though she were a fragile flower. In a rush of warmth and incredible pleasure she felt him slide inside filling her hungry void completely.

She closed her eyes and gasped.

“Make me cum,” she whispered wrapping her legs around him.

“I intend to,” he said kissing her neck as he plunged into her delicious well of pleasure again and again. She reached down to feel his sticky shaft and found the spot where it was buried within her. Slowly he withdrew – almost completely in fact and for a minute or two he rubbed himself gently on the outside of her. Then ever so slowly he allowed himself to sink into her creamy depths while he listened to her soft moans.

Suddenly he could take it no more. He had to give her what she wanted. Pinning her to the bed he thrust determinedly between her welcoming thighs. She gripped his buttocks and urged him on.

“Give me your cream,” she whispered. “I want to feel it all inside me.”

“Mmmm…” he groaned, more than ready to comply.

The moment she felt his balls throbbing against her she knew he was about to deliver. At that moment he thrust deeper still, shuddering as her pelvic muscles squeezed him within their orgasmic grasp. Climax arrived at the same time for both of them and ended with a series of blissfully sticky kisses between his balls and her steadily pulsating vagina.

“Well that was unexpected,” said Davina as she put her clothes back on a few minutes later.

“I did tell you I’d do all I could to take your mind off the pain, didn’t I?” said Jody buttoning up his black tunic.

“Yes,” she said taking one of his business cards. “You certainly did!”

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