Queen Naphtalie’s Harem – Part 9. Narration. Explicit Content. 18+

Written version…

Pen was bathing her Mistress the following evening, when she began to get the feeling all was not well.  The Queen did not relax as usual when Pen lathered her hair. Nor did she release those little uninhibited sighs that she usually did when she soaped and massaged her shoulders. Pen was a simple girl really, but even she knew these missing reactions signified something was off. Had Naphtalie been a friend, she would have asked what was the matter. But she wasn’t. So all that was left to Pen was duty and keeping quiet.

‘Would you do something for me Penny?’ the Queen asked eventually.

Her servant’s heart jumped. ‘Yes, of course!’

‘You must not disclose this to anyone. Do you promise?’

Penny started to sweat a little. ‘I promise. I always keep your confidence.’

Naphtalie smiled tightly.

‘Good girl. I want one of your dresses – just to borrow. Not a pretty one. The plainest one you have. You must obey me in this. It’s very important. Will you do it for me, Pen, tonight?’

The girls’ brows knitted together in consternation but she agreed and went off to fulfill her secret mission, leaving the Queen to finish her bath alone.

‘It’s perfect. Thank you,’ said Naphtalie, as Pen helped her into it later that night.

‘I’m glad it suits Ma’am. I did want to bring you my best one but then I remembered what you said.’

‘I am immensely pleased with it.’

Penelope struggled to hide her confusion as she curtseyed.

‘Do you need anything else, your Majesty?’

‘That will be all for tonight. I wish to be left undisturbed by all now, until morning. Make sure that everyone knows that.’

‘Yes, my lady.’

Pen bobbed her head and left Naphtalie alone in her deeply uncustomary attire.

The material felt extremely rough compared to the silks and velvets Naphtalie normally wore against her skin. She fingered the hem and examined the quality of stitching, wondering if Pen had perhaps made it herself. Quite possibly she had, for she noticed that her maids fingers were usually ragged and workworn. 

The four poster bed made for a peaceful but inappropriate haven as Naphtalie lay back and closed her eyes and tried to imagine herself, not a Queen for once but a commoner. What sort of things would she do? Perhaps there would be chickens and livestock to tend. And sewing and mending of course. Fires to be stoked. Food to be made and preserved for winter. Would she have a husband to please, come evening time, or would she flirt with the smithy’s son or some other such male and submit to illicit fumblings in secluded places just for the thrill of it?

As her imagination took her on that unlikely journey, her hand strayed unconsciously to her rapidly warming vulva. She ran the tip of her index finger lightly along the outer edge. As she did so, she wondered had Pen ever misbehaved in this dress and thoughts of what that might entail, ignited her core ever further. Visions of some work hardened male pumping in and out of Pen and taking what he needed flashed through her mind. She wanted to be common and unrefined just like that tonight. Not a Queen. She wanted Gavin to take her uncouthly. Like a beast in all the acts particulars.

‘Stop!’ a voice commanded, ruining her fancies.

Her eyes flashed open to find the object of her desire standing right at the foot of the bed.  From there Gavin must have been able to witness all. The two fingers she had stuffed inside. The wetness. Her asshole; also coated liberally in her arousal.

‘I knocked but you did not answer,’ he explained coolly.

Their eyes remained locked even though Gavin wanted to drink in the sight of her lying there, legs spread apart and aroused. The game they had planned, their secret, had clearly begun.

‘What would you have me do, Sir?’ she asked, breathlessly.

‘Come over here and take off my boots,’ he said, casually taking a seat by the fire.

Somehow his casting aside of her rank both horrified her and thrilled her, all at the same time. Yet she swiftly obeyed, kneeling silently and gently unfastening his footwear. When she was done, he unexpectedly grabbed the neckline of her borrowed dress and tore it animalistically apart with a loud ripping sound. She gasped.

‘I want to see what’s mine,’ he explained, taking a creamy white breast in each hand, thumbing her miniature raspberry nipples. Then he kissed the left one and dragged his teeth across it whilst pulling and pinching the right.

‘Ohhh..!’ she cried, holding onto his knees.

He looked at her gleefully, the firelight reflected in his eyes.

‘Lie down,’ he said. ‘On your back, skirt up so I can see your cunt.’

She did so immediately. Thus prone, he examined her nonchalantly as he slowly unbuttoned and took off his trews. Once removed, he threw them in such a way that they landed, covering her entire face. He could see her chest heaving with what he could only assume was a cocktail of anxiety and need. He gloated inwardly.

‘Open them. Examine the crotch. See the evidence of what my want of your body does to mine.’

Naphtalie did so and found no small amount of healthy male precum smeared across the inside of them. She gulped.

‘You can sit up now. I want to see you clean up that mess you caused.’

She looked up at him sharply.

‘That’s right. You heard me. You’re going to lick it up. All of it.’

At first she just sniffed. A lot and deeply. There was a faint smell of sweat and soap. As expected, just a little whiff of urine – which surprisingly did not displease her. But the overall scent was of pungent male musk; earthy, filled with a promise that warmed her from the top of her head right down to her toes. She began licking the material slowly, only distantly aware of his presence since she was greatly under the power of his pre-sex excretions. They seemed to melt onto her tongue; there one minute and gone the next; a teasing masculine syrup, briefly coating and blessing her pretty pink mouth.

He watched her thirst grow greater by the moment as she ingested his fluid and thought about feeding it to her directly from his knob. But the show was just too much fun to interrupt. 

So distracted was he, that he did not realise his cock was weeping its frustration at not being inside her, to the extent that his clear goo was literally everywhere. She noticed though. And crawled over on all fours in response, before taking his shaft all the way inside her mouth.

‘Oh fuck! Oh fucking hell!’ he moaned.

She spat on him. Sucked a few dozen times and then paused to diligently lick his poor neglected sac. He grabbed her hair and used her roughly, groaning and rolling his eyes.

‘That’s it!’ he cried, suddenly shoving her away from him. She sprawled backwards onto the rug by the fire, now entirely naked. Her big blue eyes looked up at him, wondering what he meant but willing to accept, since he had already won her trust by saving her precious Nekisha.

He swooped down and grabbed her, lifting her bodily, before carrying her to the bed.  He growled and shoved himself inside her and commenced pumping with rabid ferocity. She looked up at his face, so determined, so raw and immediately her cunt convulsed around his throbbing, turgid shaft. She wailed and arched her back as he drove himself like a battering ram against her coral pink cervix. Just as her orgasm started to quell, he shot his load against it causing her to reach another mind-altering level of euphoria.

Afterwards, they lay side by side for a while, his sexual essence still seeping lazily out of her. Neither of them said anything for a while, until Gavin leaned over and started to rub his jism into her ass.

‘I’ve wanted you here for a long time,’ he said, cautiously delving inside. She was hot there and tight and the feel of it stiffened his cock even further.

‘I’m glad you aren’t done,’ she said, lifting her legs in offering. ’Because I for one definitely want more.’

This electrified him. After kissing her all over and biting her neck, he took his reddened tip and watched it breach Naphtalie’s anus in agonising slow motion. She groaned, eyes dark and he thoughtfully rubbed her little clit in brief magical circles.

‘You’re such a good girl,’ he told her. ‘Letting me fuck this naughty hole.’

She nodded. ‘Yes…I’m going to let you cum in it.’

And he did. Three more times, until tiredness overpowered them both and they fell asleep in the light of the dying fire.

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