Sub by Boxes – Part 3

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As one might expect, work was a difficult proposition that day. The lube that Mistress had bought was a cum imitation variety. And as he walked about the office and squirmed in his chair, the creamy whiteness of it gathered around his entrance and the small, jet black butt plug he was wearing. Everytime he imagined it inside Sheba’s ass and now lodged inside himself, he had to close his eyes tight to ward off the inevitable stiffening of his cock. 

He tried not to think about why she might be training his ass. Or the extent to which her dominance of him might be arousing her. He avoided speculating what might be in the other boxes. And he was truly putting in a valiant effort, until Jackie the receptionist approached him in the staff kitchen.

‘No more packages today then, Fin?’ she said, opening the fridge. 

‘Ah, no,’ he replied, staring at her ass. He supposed he should have felt aroused. She was hot after all. But he didn’t. At least not towards her. He felt certain she was not Lady Sheba. Her teasing of him annoyed. She was like a buzzing fly that wouldn’t go away. What if Sheba somehow got wind of her flirtations? He didn’t like that thought. He was a loyal Sub and he wanted her to understand that.

‘Mistress Sheba. I hope you are well. I wanted to say that I’m grateful for your gifts. It is a bittersweet situation for me, to be so aroused at work due to the eroticsm of your toys but unable to ease my discomfort because you aren’t here. I hope this is not too bold of me, but I want to be sure you know how much you are wanted,’ he texted.

Nothing came back for over an hour. Then his phone buzzed.

‘Is that so?’ she typed. ‘You may not be so thrilled with my presents once they have all been opened.’

A shiver went through him upon reading that.

That night, just before bed, he received further instructions. He was to remove the small butt plug, shower and get into bed, where he would masturbate and send a photo of the end result to Lady Sheba.

After cumming hard and sending a photo of the resultant mess, he expected to receive an acknowledgement text.  What he got instead was a phone call. There was no voice on the other end but it was definitely her. She was moaning and breathing heavily, presumably as she touched and played with herself over his picture. Her sounds increased to a level where Fin found himself hardening again and his thumb gravitated towards his fiercely reddened tip. He swirled his ejaculate around the hole from whence it came and listened intently as Sheba raced towards her climax. He imagined her spread, opening herself for him, fingers dipping and possibly toys too. He considered inserting the small butt plug again, since the idea of it having been inside both himself and his Mistress aroused him more. But she sounded close. He couldn’t risk missing anything, even for a second. He stroked himself feverishly, almost too sensitive to tolerate it. His back arched and his ass clenched. Suddenly Sheba cried out loudly prompting cum to fountain from his cock all over his green and blue tartan bedding. By the time he came down from his high, he realised she had cruelly cut the call short and deprived him of hearing her fall over the edge. Wet, sticky and used, he lay quietly in the dark. Every muscle felt sore as if he’d had an entire evening of actual sex. He cleaned up, slipped back under the covers and almost immediately fell asleep.

‘You will use the medium plug today Fin. Lube it up as before. And I want you to open up the second box. If you can’t remember which it is, here is the barcode,’ said the text that awoke him from his orgasm-induced slumber. She sent a photo of a matching barcode which he could check against the packages in his possession. 

Although still tired, he hurried to do her bidding. The plug slipped inside easily enough. He was aware of it as he moved. Gingerly, he knelt down to open the second box, wondering if he’d manage to wear it all day. He’d certainly try even though it was a little sore already.

The second box contained three things. 

A poppy red Dior lipstick.

A turquoise blue collar.

And a pair of frilly rose pink knickers.

The first thing he did was examine the knickers. They appeared worn. Instinctively, he pressed his nose to the fabric of the gusset. 

Mistress pussy scent filled his nose.

A few minutes later, another text came through.

‘Have you done as I asked?’

‘Yes Miss.’

‘Good. I want you to go eat breakfast and then afterwards you are to put my knickers on. Then take the lipstick and write on your inner thigh ‘L S’ to mark yourself as my property. The collar will be reserved for another day.’

‘Yes Miss. Thank you Lady Sheba.’

He literally threw his breakfast of toast and coffee down him and rushed back into the bedroom to don the pretty pink panties. The effect was immediate. His shaft stiffened and his balls grew tight. His ass gripped the fully creamed up butt plug hard. To avoid ejaculating, he lay down on the bed and distracted himself by reading the news and checking the stock markets.

Time was moving on. If he was to make his usual train, he needed to leave in the next ten minutes. As quickly as he could, he unpackaged the lipstick and drew Lady Sheba’s initials on his ticklish inner thighs. He knew he looked comical. It mattered not. The knowledge that Miss Sheba had basically claimed his ass, cock, balls and thighs was exhilarating. He counted his blessings that she had found him and claimed him and hoped that she would never let him go. Well, not for a good while at least.

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