Sub by Boxes – Part 4

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Before he even got to work he received a phone call from Sadique at the office.

‘Hi Finlay. I have some bad news and some good news.’

Standing outside the train station, Finlay frowned.

‘What’s up?’ he said.

‘We’ve had to shut the office. No one’s allowed in. Some lunatic set off the fire alarms and sprinklers by hacking into the system. All the tech is ruined and is going to need replaced. We’ve got the fire department here checking everything over.’ 


‘Yeah. I know. It’s crazy. But the good news is, everyone gets a few days off, full pay, till we sort this crap out. Either me or Suzanne will be in touch with updates.’

He ran his fingers through his hair, still processing this unexpected information.

‘Okay then, well let me know when you have any news.’

‘Will do.’

As other commuters buzzed around him on all sides, Finlay saw himself as the character Neo in the Matrix; present in reality but only half there. Who had done this and why? And what was he supposed to do now? His stomach rumbled and the answer came to him.


The huge breakfast sub he ordered at Delaney’s on the corner of Webster Street felt like sin. It contained three eggs, an ungodly amount of bacon, tomato and 3 pork and sage sausages. It took a bit of effort to get his jaws around it but once he managed, he sighed deeply. Just as his ass was filled with Mistress Sheba’s toy, the Sub’s mouth was filled with sub. That thought delighted him even further, causing his dick to twitch in appreciation within the pink silken panties, erotically stained by Sheba’s pussy. 

He drew in a deep breath and looked down at his groin.

Jesus! Don’t get a hardon here!

He focused on eating his sandwich and watching the world go by outside. Anyone of those people could be her, he thought. That blonde woman with the green scarf, or that tall tattooed lady with half her head shaved. He knew they weren’t though. He’d know her if he saw her, he was convinced of it by now. 

He pulled his phone from his pocket to check for emails and saw two new messages from Sheba.

‘I hear you have the day off Sub. Lucky you.’

‘Since you aren’t busy, you must do something for me.’

How the hell did she know about that? 

He took a sip of orange juice before typing his reply. 

‘Yes Mistress Sheba, whatever you need.’

‘Good boy. I want you to go to Inkredible, the tattoo shop on Bourbon Avenue. I’ve made you an appointment there with Drax. He knows what to do.’

Finlay gulped. An appointment? For what? 

‘You want me to get a tattoo Miss?’

‘You did say whatever you need, didn’t you? Are you telling me you didn’t mean what you said?’

‘No Mistress. I did mean it. When must I be there?’

‘Go now. Your appointment time was five minutes ago.’

He looked at his sandwich sorrowfully.

‘Yes Ma’am.’

‘Want me to wrap that for you Sir?’ asked the petite waitress at his elbow.

‘If you would. That would be great thanks,’ he beamed, glad it wasn’t going to be wasted.

Ten minutes later, he was standing inside the quite frankly frightening interior of Inkredible, carefully wrapped sub clenched in his sweaty hand.

‘Yes, I see your appointment,’ said the receptionist, running a finger down the screen. ‘Drax is waiting for you in room two.’

He nodded and followed her down the hall.

‘Hello then Finlay!’ said Drax as they entered.


‘Thank you Charlotte, he said, dismissing the girl.

The door closed behind her and the tattoo artist bade him take a seat.

‘Before we begin, I need to get a few details from you and a signature for consent,’ he said.

Fin nodded and gave a frigid smile.

The questions were predictable, querying about any allergies and medical history etc. Once they were answered and the other documents signed, Drax began to explain what would happen and the tools he would use.

‘Okay. Unless you have any other questions for me, I think we’re good to go,’ he grinned.

‘Ah, I do have just one question…what am I getting done?’

‘I’ve been told not to tell you. Now if you aren’t happy with that, I totally understand ok. We can tear the consent papers up, chuck em in the fucking bin and you can head straight out the door. It’s up to you. Your call’

For a few seconds, Fin seriously considered it.

‘No,’ he said. ‘Let’s get it done. Whatever ‘it’ is.’

‘Cool. If you can remove your trousers for me then and we can get started.’

Oh shit. He’s going to see I’m wearing Sheba’s panties! Fuck!

The muscular and imposing Drax raised a pierced eyebrow at his hesitancy.

Reluctantly Finlay stripped off his office trousers and placed them on the hook behind the door.

He expected to find the tattooist trying not to laugh his ass off when he turned round, but instead he was waiting patiently, with a very professional air.

Maybe Sheba sends all her Subs here…

After a fair amount of time, pain and humiliation, Fin appeared outside Inkredible, fully clothed with the words – ‘Sheba’s Bitch’ written on his thigh. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it but at least he had the satisfaction of knowing he had pleased his Mistress.  

This was further enhanced a few hours after he arrived home. Whilst clearing out the cupboard under the sink, a photo message came through from Bathsheba herself…

‘Mistress Sheba is very pleased with you Finlay’

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