Sub by Boxes Part 5

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That night he felt overly warm. Strange dreams came to him and at times he didn’t know if he was asleep or awake. In the darkness, he thought he saw the boxes beside his bed glow. Wakeful, he sensed a hand on his brow, a body beside his. Female. Serpentine. For a while there was nothing and he managed to sleep a few hours. Then piercing the fog of morning an explosion breached his peace. His hand shot up, covering the pain. There was a blaze growing hotter by the minute, his ear lobe a brand new branded sun.

Holy fuck! He cried, scrambling to turn on the bedside light. He held up his phone and examined his ear. There was nothing there, only a tiny reddened pinhole. 

Maybe it was a spider bite?

He drank water, sat back against his lumpy pillows and tried to calm.

He stroked the duvet. He was being stupid. Dreams were just dreams. He needed rest. Of course he was going to be uptight after the office drama and Sheba controlling him so heavily when they had never even met. He read for a little while and tried to settle once more.

‘Sub, are you there?’ said the text at twelve fourteen the next day.

Fin groaned and wiped his sweat drenched brow onto the sheets..

He hadn’t the strength to check his phone, much less reply.

‘Fin, answer me. What’s going on?’

Mistress Sheba still received no response and Finlay’s fever intensified.

‘Go and fetch water Drax! NOW!’ yelled a voice, two hours later.

Finlay moaned as arms shifted him gently to sitting position and a milky white hand pressed a glass of water to his mouth to drink.

‘Explain this to me,’ an angry voice said. ‘Explain how my Sub is sick as a dog after being under your needle!’

‘I don’t know Sheba! I really don’t. You’ve sent many to me. Fuck, I’ve done work on you even. Either way, we can sort this I’m sure. It’s not a big tattoo. I have antibiotic shots with me. If you’re ok with it, we can prick him and then see how he goes.’

She sat on the edge of Fin’s bed in a jet black dress with a fanned leather collar looking down at him; so unwell, all because of her.

‘Do it. I shall stay. If he gets any worse, I’ll seek medical help.’

The ultra alpha male Drax reached out his hand to comfort her but her eyes blazed like a wildfire fortified with fifty gallons of petrol.

‘You care about him don’t you?’ he said instead.

‘Go and do as you’re fucking told,’ she said, hard as an antarctic iceberg. 

He nodded and retrieved his rucksack and found the two shots of black market penicillin.

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